Depending on whether you are a glass half full or half empty type is how one usually approaches the underground world of cyber-security. The half full perspective would note that never in the history of the internet have safeguards and shields been more effective in beating the digital ‘bad guys.’ The half empty point of view would opine that with every advancement made in protection, a similar one is made in bypassing such efforts. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, the good news for the consumer is that there are multiple options to choose from. Products designed to ensure privacy have varying points of emphasis, so comparing features is a smart thing to look into. So just what are the best antivirus products of 2017?

You Get What You Pay For

McAfee has been an industry leader in antivirus protection for years, but the brand name alone can hurt your wallet a bit more. If reliability is your main criteria, McAfee should definitely be under consideration for you. They have been trailblazers in the field for safeguarding private content for a long time, and are generally respected and trusted by its mass of users. Features like preventing malware from taking over your computer or stopping the spreading of it to avoid further damage, as well as highly effective firewalls are their bread and butter. The 2017 ‘Total Protection’ package they offer covers 10 devices, sure to include everything that you hold dear to you.

Norton Antivirus 2017 is also a well-known brand, but their push is for a longer term commitment from their customers, typically in the form of 1 or 2 year deals. This obviously comes second to how well it protects you of course, and Norton is ever changing to catch up with cyber bullies. Norton’s focus on not just covering your content but also your identity is very beneficial to their subscribers, for theft of your name is more prominent now than just a few years ago. Norton asks for more from their customers, but also give more in terms of automatic back-up of your files. It basically serves as a moat around the castle of your life, thwarting off unwanted guests.

The Big Gun

Total AV Ultimate Antivirus 2017 was rated the best software for internet security by the “Top 10 Antivirus” website. Obviously an accumulation of glowing reviews doesn’t automatically make it the best, but AV’s mixture of price point and capabilities are extremely attractive to potential users. With a spotlight on avoiding phishing scams, cleaning the web browser regularly, and a 30 day money back guarantee, few can go wrong with their 2017 edition. Total AV is, in essence, an internet garbage man, picking up the trash on your computer and taking it far, far away.

There is a relationship between a person and their choice of antivirus because people want to desperately protect different things. When choosing the absolute best for the current year, keep in mind that a lot of the features offered you may not even need. Don’t pay to protect your neighbor when you only need a padlock for your front door. When considering effectiveness and price, Total AV Ultimate is one of the best antivirus products of 2017, and as such has deservedly earned its consistent praise with its reliable performance.