Day: April 4, 2017

Engagement Photography Tips

One of the most prized possessions of our life is Engagement Photography. We might have a huge collection of photographs and every photograph is as precious as that moment we took it. These photographs bring those feelings, expressions and memories back every single time whenever we see them. The significance of this occasion is that this is the first commitment of a man and a woman to get married and the very first promise to spend their life together. Engagement portraits are an evergreen memory of that happiness videos Melbourne and excitement, which a couple shares with its friends, family and special people of their life who joined and equally enjoyed those moments with them.

More than decorating their house and place, they wish to decorate these moments and catch them in portraits, so they can always feel the same enjoyment. They also want to save their engagement portraits for their kids when they will be asking surprisingly if their parents were a really good-looking couple. Engagement portraits will be a gift for their children and grandchildren, who will too enjoy it even more since, they will grow old and those portraits will become a treasure of joy for their grandchildren.

Photographs during the time of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wedding was an early professional photography in 1840. In the late 19th century, it was more than just posing and wearing good clothes. Color photography was available in 20th centuryand after the Second World War, the concept of apprehending a wedding event developed. Film roll technology is improved with lighting techniques and photographers can now take benefit of light on the move or can use creative lighting.

This is important to know that there is a difference between a portrait and a standard engagement picture. Pictures are not expensive as compared to portraits are. Pictures are more real and mostly are fun shots and candid. Portraits are perfected by removing red-eye, any blemishes or even shifting the focus for a lovely effect. There are two types of professional photography, indoor photography like in a temple, church or other private location and outdoor photography mostly on a beach or a park. There is one more type called enhanced Portraits, which is actually a creativity to enhance the portrait’s quality.

In enhanced Portraits, different compositions or arrangements of visual elements like fill flash, tilt-shift, panoramic, long or multiple exposure, firework, contre-jar, time laps and bokeh are used to make these engagement photographs more distinctive. These portraits are specifically used for perfect colorized photos, sepia tones, scrapbooks, dual exposure images, and other digital effects are added to create sentimental and romantic images.

Professional Engagement Photography is not as easy as picking up the camera and saying, “Cheese” but a complete study to learn the art of capturing the best moments in people’s lives. Engagement Photography done professionally, give life to those silent pictures, so they can speak for themselves for years to come. Engagement portraits, if done professionally can give effects of royalty, elegance and classiness.

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