Day: March 14, 2017

Tips For Safe Driving

For some people, being a safe and conscientious driver only lasts as long as it takes them to get their driver’s license. Safe driving means more than obeying traffic laws, it also means maintaining your car as well as making smart decisions on what you should and should not be doing while you are driving. The numbers of cars on the road today and the advent of technology have made it even more important to be a safe driver. The younger generation as well as most adults are so dependent on their cell phones; they have become a part of their daily life, which unfortunately should not be part of it when they are driving. Almost every new car has integrated technology to allow you to use your cell phone through the car itself. Mirror Finish Detail –

They are promoting safe use of cell phones while driving, the problem is some people choose not to take advantage of these systems and use their cell phone as they normally would. Maintaining your car is also important to safe driving, keeping you out of situations that could cause accidents or injury. Something as simple as watching the amount of gas you have can be the difference between a safe an unsafe situation as well.

Driving and cell phones
If you must use your cell phone while you are driving, take the time to read the owner’s manual and learn to use any hands free options that are available on the phone. Most phones made over the past few years all have Bluetooth, allowing you to make calls, send texts and answer calls all without looking at the phone. Some phones even offer the option of announcing the name of the person or the phone number of who is calling to allow you to decide to answer it or not. If you have a newer car with integrated Bluetooth, this makes using you cell phone while you are driving even safer. If you are unsure how to set it up, most dealers or electronics stores that offer audio installation for cars will set it up for you. These integrated systems are the safest to use while driving as all the controls to answer and call are usually placed on the steering wheel, alleviating the need to take your eyes off the road to answer or make a call. Texting should never be an option while you are driving, even stopped at a light. If neither your phone nor car is equipped with any type of hands free technology, to make or answer a call you need to pull into a parking lot, or pull off the road safely and handle the call.

Vehicle maintenance
Maintaining your vehicle mechanically and aesthetically is also an important part of safe driving. Bald tires, worn out brakes or even a loose exhaust system can cause an accident more often than by driver error. Bald tires on wet or snowy roads can lead to a loss of control causing you to hit another vehicle or object, worn out brakes can lessen your ability to stop quickly again causing you to strike another car or an object. These issues cannot only cause serious damage to your car or another person’s car or property; it can also cause personal injury or death to you or someone else. A loose exhaust system is not only illegal, but if it breaks, it cannot only cause serious damage to your vehicle but can become a road hazard to other drivers as well. If you damage an outside mirror, not only does it look bad, it can be dangerous. Not having a clear view all around you while you are driving can lead to unnecessary accidents. This also applies to worn out wiper blades or not cleaning snow off your windows in the winter. Anything that can potentially impede your view can be hazardous to not only you, but other drivers as well. One of the simplest things people can do to be safe is make sure you have gas, running out of gas can not only lead to you being stranded in an unfamiliar area, but having to pull off the road on a freeway can be dangerous as well.

The interior condition of your car is usually not something that people think about when talking about safe driving. However, if you fail to maintain the cleanliness of the inside of your car, it can lead to problems as well. Dirt and dust can build up on the inside of the windows just as it can on the outside. Dirty windows can obstruct your view and make night driving especially difficult if you cannot see well through a dirty windshield or windows. You also want to limit the amount of items you carry around in the car. You always want to be sure that you are able to see out all of you windows at all times. If you have a tendency to hoard empty bottles or fast food wrappers in your car, clean them out once a week. They not only attract vermin, but an excessive build up can obstruct your view while you are driving as well as cause a distraction.

It does not take too much to be a safe driver; you just have to be proactive and maintain your car and are responsible using your cell phone. Being a safe driver can help you save money on insurance as well as on court costs and violations you may receive by not being a safe driver. Overall, being a safe driver can save your life or someone else’s.

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